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本項免費課程,由英美系的漢明遠(Michael Hemsley)教授擔任授課; 計有花蓮高中、花蓮女中、四維高中、海星高中、慈濟高中、花蓮商職等六校23位同學參加。課程共進行八週,每次三小時。課程主題內容包括:英國(United Kingdom)是什麼,英國人有哪些,英國的飲食特色,英國語言的特色,英國教育制度,英國式的家居生活等。





Experience of British Language and Culture

Students from six different high schools in Hualien have just finished a free DELL taster course called Experience of British English and Culture.

Taught and assessed in English, the class met on eight Sunday mornings to learn about the history and features of British English and increase their listening and speaking skills through studying topics like ‘What is the U.K.?’, ‘Who are the British?’ British food and drink, British style small talk, the U.K. education system, and British homes and home life.

On this lively course, students had the chance to handle U.K. currency and even try some unique British food as well as practice dialogues, discuss topics and make presentations.

The course teacher, Professor Mike Hemsley said, “It’s been great fun working with this group. Even though by university standards this was a very short course, just 24 hours in total, it’s exciting to see how much the students’ confidence and understanding have developed”.

Meanwhile, a course evaluation carried out during the final session showed students were also very satisfied, and almost all hope that other departments in TCU can also offer taster courses.

Students wrote plenty of positive feedback. One typical comment was “this course was more interesting than I expected. I’m glad I had the chance to take it, and I got a great impression of DELL. It’s really great to meet Professor Hemsley, who helped me understand British culture more deeply”.